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7th Grade Supply List 2022-23

Hot Springs Middle School Supply List 2022-2023

7th Grade Supply List (for 2022-2023)

Pencil pouch to hold the following items: Pencils, scissors, highlighter, 2 glue sticks, 1 large eraser or pencil top erasers, set of 12 colored pencils or twistable ones.

2X  Composition notebooks (English and Social Studies)

2X   Three prong folders, plastic (Social Studies)

2X  Two inch 3-ring binders (Science,

1X  2 Inch binder (Zipper one for English)

2X   Spiral notebooks for math

Ruler with standard and metric (math and stem)

3X   packs of Loose-Leaf Paper (Science,

2X   Five pack of tab dividers (Science)

1 set of earbuds with a computer jack (no Bluetooth capabilities)

2X   Large boxes of Kleenex and 2 large containers of Clorox Wipes to donate to Advisory teacher