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Daily Announcements

Dear Parents,


The Secondary Leadership Team has been responding to student and parent concerns about the school’s dress code policy. We are more than happy to have this conversation, and we encourage good-faith conversations on all school matters. During these conversations, the following concerns were addressed:


  • An unrealistic standard for short length considering current fashion trends

  • An overzealous policing of the dress code

  • An inconsistent understanding of what the dress code is

  • The dress code policy, as currently worded and implemented, distracts from learning 


We want to hear from the community. Therefore, we are having a parent meeting on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, in the Bison Center at 5:30 pm. For parents who are unable to attend, we will be sending out a survey. Therefore, we can consider all parent feedback.


Secondary students and faculty will be surveyed as well. Once parents, students, and teachers have shared their feedback, we will construct a panel consisting of all stakeholders. This panel will construct a policy to submit to the school board for approval.


For the remainder of the warm weather this fall, the Secondary Leadership Team has agreed to the following terms:

  • No tops or shirts that have plunging necklines, open sides, or expose the midriff/navel

  • No clothing that promotes or glamorizes the use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol

  • Shorts that reach a student’s thumb or closed fist when arms are relaxed at a student’s side 


We are happy to meet with parents who would like to discuss this. However, we encourage everyone to attend the meeting on Wednesday, September 7, 2022, in the Bison Center at 5:30 pm. We believe it is important for the entire community to be present. Policy is created for the community, so it is important for the community to hear all voices.


We hope to see you Wednesday.



Kain Klinkkhammer         Acacia Trevillyan

Secondary Principal       Secondary Vice Principal