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Hot Springs Schools “Continue to Learn” Plan

Posted Date: 01/18/2022

Hot Springs Schools “Continue to Learn” Plan

At their August regular monthly board meeting, the school board approved the administration’s recommendation to begin the school year at Tier 1, a slight change from the Tier 2 the district was in for most of last year. Hot Springs Schools did move to Tier 1 on May 1st for the end of the school year. Tier 1 removes the requirement of the Mask Zones when students couldn’t social distance in hallways and other concentrated areas. Masks and social distancing are still recommended and classrooms will be set up to try and meet the CDC and South Dakota Dept of Health’s guidance of 3 feet separation for all students.

The district will continue to provide the same level of cleaning and disinfecting as last year, and health and safety will still be the district’s number one priority. Last year the district utilized the SD DOH testing kits to determine who had contracted the Covid 19 virus. The state is providing a similar test and we will be determining whether we continue to use that or other tests available.

The district does not require vaccination for students or staff. We hope everyone researches the options available to them and makes the most informed decision possible. More information regarding Covid for education can be found at the State’s DOH website or the CDC website.

The complete "Continue to Learn" plan is available by clicking here. For the Spanish version, click here.
For a more comprehensive version containing Areas of Focus for each area, click here.  For the Spanish version, click here.