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Character Counts! September is Trustworthy Month!

Posted Date: 09/21/2022

Character Counts! September is Trustworthy Month!

Character Counts! September is "Trustworthy" Month

Strong Character is something we want to teach all of our students here at Hot Springs Schools. The District uses the Character Counts program to help us teach the six pillars of a positive character.charactercounts

Each month for the next 6 months students will be studying a different pillar and recognized for there strong character as well as being certified upon completion of the program.

September's pillar is "Trustworthiness" where students will learn to:

* Be honest. Don’t deceive, cheat, or steal.

* Have integrity. Do what you say you’ll do.

* Keep your promises.

* Be loyal. Stand by your values.

Help us by reinforcing these important character traits in your children at home and elsewhere.

For more information on the Character Counts program please visit their website at or by calling or e-mailing K-8 Counselor Brittany Pieke at 605-745-5397.